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  • Snap Poster Hanger

    Our Snap Poster Hanger System is made of the finest aluminum. With our 3 step easy install, you can install or change graphics within seconds. Simply open, insert, and snap close. Thanks to this unique design, our Snap Poster Hanger will hold your graphic with amazing strength with no scoring, pockets, or any special graphic treatment. This easy-to-use hardware system comes with 4 ready to hang hooks and can be used in any indoor location.


    • Finest Aluminum Construction 
    • 2pc Set (includes top & bottom) 
    • Indoor, UV safe will last for years 
    • 3 Step easy install (open, insert, and snap) 
    • Insert any graphic up to 70 mil (.070") thick


    • 2 Snap bars 
    • 4 End Caps 
    • 2 Universal Hanging Clips 
    • Graphic Insert included
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  • Photo card stock Poster
    Paper Posters are printed on photo quality (glossy or matte) paper stock. They can be used to print enlarged photos, signs, artworks, etc. They are delicate and not scuff resistant or waterproof.


    Maximum Size: 53" High X 159' Wide

    Digitally printed at 720 x 720 Resolution

    Print on one side only

    UV safe that will last for years

    Material Options:

    • 9 mil. Gloss Poster Paper
    • 9 mil. Matte Poster Paper
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  • Window Poster (Face Mount)

    Our window poster (face mount) applies from the print side on to glass, so your graphic is viewable from the outside. Easy to apply, remove, and repositionable. Window poster (face mount) will feature a grey backing. 


    Adheres on the print side

    Maximum Size: 48" High X 100' Wide

    Resolution: Digitally printed at 720 x 720 resolution. Printed on one side only.

    Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years

    Material Options:

    • 9 mil. Face Mount Adhesive Film
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