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Are you looking for unique cost effective advertising? You came to the right place. From bill boards to every door direct mail, newspaper adds, online marketing and social media marketing, we are here to make your sells boom.  Call or email to get a custom quote that fits your business and budget.


We are the Printers, the Advertisers and the Marketers your Business or Organization needs ALL IN ONE PLACE. With over 10 years in the business and the ability to not only print and market for your Company but also do photography, graphic design, billboard printing and placements, social media marketing, complete commercial filming , product packaging Product Production services, full research operations staff to help you get your Business in the spotlight. we can work with any budget. 


  • TV Advertising starts at $250 for 14 business days

  • TV Commercial Filming with 1 actor starts at $550 for 45sec commercial

  • Bill Board Advertising starts at $150 a Month must by 3 months

  • Product Photography starts at $175 for 100 products. Takes about 2 weeks to photograph and edit.


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